MCing at GitNation conferences

MCing at GitNation conferences

🔸 General information

As an MC at GitNation conferences, you will play a crucial role in facilitating the event. This involves:

  • leading opening & closing ceremonies
  • speakers introduction
  • Q&A sessions moderation (usually we gather questions from the audience via so MC shouldn’t come up with their own questions, but if they have any it’s always a benefit)
  • interaction with the audience (e.g. ice-breakers during opening ceremony)
  • any announcements like winners in the raffles, activities in parallel, etc.

We’re aiming to have 3-4 MCs per conference which allows them to have short breaks during the day in addition to lunch & coffee breaks for sure.

🔸 Agenda until the conference days:

  • kickoff/onboarding call (we’ll go through the organisational questions, drafted slides, will split speakers between all MCs)
  • opening creative/rehearsal call 
  • rehearsal call (if needed)
  • dry run at the venue – the day before or 1h before the conference start to rehears on stage

All calls take up to 1h and will be arranged according to all MCs’ availability.

MCs will be provided with slides with all the needed information in notes. Slides will be prepared by event-manager of the conference and each MC will be able to edit notes if needed.