Program committee membership

🔸 General information & responsibilities

  • giving advice on whom to invite as a speakers with a talk/for discussion room/for panel discussion, etc.
  • generating some speakers’ names (for example headliners)
  • proposing some OS projects the core teams of which should be invited (usually it’s popular or new interesting projects)
  • looking through the results of CFP submissions and choosing talks for the conference line-up
  • regular calls with all the rest PC members and event-manager
  • availability on slack channel for answers to some quick questions between calls

🔸 Flow

The whole period of working on the program includes the following stages:

  • kick-off call – we discuss top speakers, top projects to be invited before conference launch
  • CFP submissions review – all PC members review submissions and evaluate them, during our regular call we discuss the topics with the highest rates
  • finalizing the line-up and program
  • preparing topics for discussion rooms (3-4 topics per conference day)

Regular sync with the team:

  • calls via google meet – bi-weekly calls, but during the last month of the CFP review and 1 month after its closure, calls may be held weekly
  • slack channel – text communication is required between the calls for some reminders, quick votings, questions, etc.

Usually the program committee includes 3-5 ppl who are considered as experts in conference domain. We expect that all members join the calls and are active on Slack channel for text communication between the calls.

We understand that all PC members are busy with their work, personal stuff, some other side projects so it’s fine to skip a few calls but kindly ask to inform about that in advance so we can reschedule the team call if needed and plan agenda accordingly.

🔸 Timeline

  • 9 months – kick-off of the conference with program committee
  • 8 months – CFP form launch & conference announcement
  • 7-4 months – CFP submissions review
  • 5-4 months before – end of CFP
  • 4-3 months before – finalising line-up & program

🔸 We offer:

  • Visibility in the professional community by mentioning you on the conference website and in social media (X, Linkedin), which will for sure help boosting your career
  • Membership in program committee of one of the biggest JS events
  • Being in touch with industry top speakers and activists
  • Free entrance to any of GitNation conferences (both remote and in person ones)
  • Covering the logistics to the event after 1 season of successful collaboration (active participation)
  • Free access to paid workshops at different GitNation conferences (should be discussed separately)
  • Full-access ticket to all the activities at the conference a person was working on