JSNation 2023 Remote & IRL Speakers

JSNation 2023 Remote & IRL Speakers

Here you can find all the details you’ll need before & during the conference. You can return to this page any time you need – it’ll be in your calendar invite for the event.

To read the full information in each section please click the toggle 🔻 and you’ll see full text.

Conference agenda & program

Agenda around conference days

May 30 – virtual pre-party, all speakers are invited – we’ll play game and chat

June 1 – JSNation Conference (hybrid day)

June 2 – React Summit (hybrid day)

June 5 – JSNation Conference (remote day)

June 6 – React Summit (remote day)

July 6 – talk recordings are published on GitNation portal


The remote activities on both days: https://jsnation.com/schedule

Connection with org team, other speakers & conference attendees

Platform for communication before/during the conference

Discord – our main platform for communication either with the GitNation team or with attendees and other speakers.

Channels you’ll see after joining Discord:

#💛jsn-speakers – channel for internal communication;

#❓community-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the Community track.

#❓residents-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the Residents track.

In case you do not see these channels please tag me (Lera) in #🛠troubleshooting channel and I’ll give access manually.

Important: please say ‘Hi’ in the speakers channel as soon as you join 😊

Gift for you 🎁

Charity Donation

We appreciate a lot what you do for the community and your commitment to sharing your knowledge at each of our conferences!

This year, we decided to thank you in a different way than before. We have prepared a list of foundations that support children, women, care about the world we live in and constantly engage in education.

We would like to make a donation to a foundation of your choice on your behalf.

The total amount we would like to donate is €3500.

Please choose one of the foundations presented in the form below. Each of them includes a description and characteristics of its activity: https://forms.gle/u8cLoiM4gRu9vzEg8. We hope you will like the idea.

Pre-conference activity

Remote pre-party + spatial.chat platform intro - May 30, 19:00 CEST

We hope you can join our pre-party and play Draw Battle with us - we’ve played it before, and it was super fun and the experience all speakers got was amazing!

The pre-party will be held on the Spatial.chat platform that we will use at the conference, if you haven't heard about it before, we are sure that you will be very interested to learn about its functionality in advance 😊

Conference activities to join (general info)

Free workshops

There are a batch of short remote workshops before and after the main conference days. Feel free to register for any via the LINK. How to register:

  1. First you need to restore your password here as the portal account was already created for you, it’s connected to the email address you’re receiving all org emails from me.
  2. After entering your profile you need to go to workshops page and pick sessions you’d like to attend & register separately for each workshop.

You have access to all talks on June 1 & 5. To follow the stream please use this page: https://jsnation.com/live?code=jsncommunity

Discussion rooms

On June 1 the rooms will be in a hybrid format which means that onsite attendees will be able to join and online ones as well.

On June 5 – fully remote rooms on spatial.chat.

You’re able to join any of the discussion rooms through our watch page: https://jsnation.com/live?code=jsncommunity.

You conference flow

June 1 – we’ll start the stream at 13:50 CEST to cover different timezones but remote audience will be able to rewatch what was before lunch at the end of the day and everything will be recorded.

June 5 – stream from 16:00 to 21:00 CEST Your talk will be played as it’ll be stated in the schedule and the calendar invite.

Your conference flow (if applicable)

After your talk is played we'll have a QnA session on Discord – you have already got calendar invite with links to join & instructions. Usually QnA takes around 10-15 min.

Let me know if you’re not available.

For answering people’s questions you need follow one of the channels depending on the track where you’re talk was played: #❓community-track-qna or #❓residents-track-qna.

Discussion Rooms agenda – June 5

17:00 Collaboration, Productivity & Workflows

18:15 Where & How You Write Your Code

If you confirmed participation in one of the rooms on June 5 or in both, please make sure you have a calendar invite where you can find the link to join and agenda.

Both rooms will be held on spatial.chat ( – virtual platform we’ll be using for interaction with remote audience).

Sister-conference – React Summit – June 2 & 6

As mentioned previously, close to JSNation we’ll have one more event – React Summit. Here is the agenda: https://reactsummit.com/schedule.

To watch the talks and join conference activities please use this link >> https://reactsummit.com/live?code=reactninjas.

❗️ Some important notes

  • As you know, this event is hybrid, and we’ll have people from all over the world watching the live stream. In order to have as many time zones being able to watch it, we’ll start the live stream at 1:50pm CEST (right after lunch) on June 1, so all talks & QnAs between lunch and closing will be live streamed. The talks between opening and lunch will be recorded together with the QnAs and will be shown right after the last in-person talks. June 5 – fully remote.
  • Access Link to follow the agenda remotely on both days: https://jsnation.com/live?code=jsncommunity – with this link you'll have access to all talks and all activities during the conference if you want to watch the live stream on June 1 & 5.

Logistics – in case you’ll be in Amsterdam

Conference venue
Getting to the venue

We will have continuous ferry service in the mornings on June 1 (JSNation) & June 2 (React Summit). Starting point: Rederij het IJ - De Ruijterkade 14, 1101 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Times of Ferries Service:

7:20 am CEST 7:40 am CEST 8:00 am CEST 8.20 am CEST 8:40 am CEST 9:00 am CEST 9.20 am CEST

Meetups – May 30 & 31

There will be two meetups from local communities on May 30 & 31. Check the details here: https://jsnation.com/pre-event.

Pre-party for attendees & speakers - May 31
Speakers dinner – June 1, 19:00 CEST

If you’re running late, mind that the ship will be departing for a cruise at 20:30, so don’t be too late :)

JSNation Conference – June 1

Agenda Find all activities here: https://jsnation.com/schedule-offline. Note, besides the talks there will be QnAs and also hybrid discussion rooms which you can join.

Food There will be light breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks, food trucks at the venue. There will be meat, vegan, lactose free, gluten free options.

Closing ceremony Please, come to stage 5 minutes before it starts (at around 17:20) and come up stage when MCs announce “speakers on stage”!

React Summit & afterparty – June 2

If you didn’t activate your React Summit ticket please do that now via the link: https://ti.to/gitnation/react-summit-2023/discount/JSNSpeaker2023

After the conference there will be an afterparty in the evening at 19:00. Where (same venue): De Kromhouthal Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, 1021 KP Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam – June 3

If you’ve registered for a tour on June 3, you’ll get an email soon with org information.

Brunch: 13:00 - Ashoka - https://goo.gl/maps/71P4N9HUrA3brKJ4A.

Custom map - we’ve prepared for everyone with community’s favourite places (gathered tips from many locals).