JSNation 2024 Speakers (Remote)

JSNation 2024 Speakers (Remote)

Here you can find all the details you’ll need before & during the conference. You can return to this page any time you need – it’ll be in your calendar invite for the event.

To read the full information in each section please click the toggle 🔻 and you’ll see full text.

General information

Conference agenda & program

Agenda around conference days

June 13 ➡️ JSNation Conference (hybrid day)

June 14 ➡️  React Summit (hybrid day)

June 17 ➡️ JSNation Conference (remote day)

June 18 ➡️ React Summit (remote day)

Conference activities to join (general info)


You have access to all JSNation talks on June 13 & 17. To follow the stream please use this page: link will be added a bit closer to the conference.

Discussion rooms

Where: Zoom.

On June 13 the rooms will be in a hybrid format which means that onsite attendees will be able to join and online ones as well.

On June 17 – fully remote rooms.

Free workshops

There are a batch of short remote workshops before and after the main conference days. Feel free to register for any via the LINK.

Gift for you 🎁

Charity Donation

We appreciate a lot what you do for the community and your commitment to sharing your knowledge at each of our conferences!

We’ll prepare a list of foundations that support children, women, care about the world we live in and constantly engage in education. We would like to make a donation to a foundation of your choice on your behalf to thank you for joining us this year.

The total amount we would like to donate is €3500.

You’ll be able to choose one of the foundations via the form which I’ll share a bit later.

Physical swag box

Please send your physical address so we can send a conference swag box 🙂

+1 guest of a speaker – remote or in-person participation

Each speaker has 1 free pass for conference (remote or in-person) 😉 Just let me know if anyone would like to join the conference and I’ll create a promocode for you.

Talk recording

Recording with us: instructions & dates

We’ll be using this platform for talk recording: https://riverside.fm/. You can pick a slot for recording via the links:

Such recordings usually takes up to 40 min if it’s a full talk and 20 min if it’s a lighting talk.

Self-recording: instructions & deadline (less preferable flow)

!!! Full instructions on how to record the talk can be found HERE.

  • Deadline: May 13
  • Duration: full talk – 20 minutes; lightning talk – 5-7 min
  • Recording format: we need two files from you to synchronise them both during post-production (example):
    • 1 – desktop with your slides recorded with audio
    • 2 – camera recorded with audio
    • After the recording the AV team will synchronize two files and prepare the final version which will look like this video.

  • Folder to upload the files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GMkAqYO_9htHbwiu5qLShV1LL-j1dr-A?usp=drive_link
  • Files format: videos should be in MP4 or MOV format.
  • Size of the font on the slides, code: it’s important to use readable size of the font as part of the audience will watch the stream. 20-24px should be ok. Here is the example of readable code https://youtu.be/d9nVcDLueMI?t=764 but the font can be even bigger otherwise during the stream remote audience will be struggling to read the slides.
Duration, slides

Full talk: 20 min

Lightning talk: 5-7 min

Slides: any format convenient for you. We do not have any draft for slides or strict design requirements. In case you’d like to add conference logo to the presentation, here it is >> LOGO.

It’s important to use readable size of the font as part of the audience will watch the stream. 20-24px should be ok.

Spread the word about the conference

Video invitation

Please record 2 short videos. It can be done as simply as with a phone – vertical videos, duration – up to 60 sec, answering the following questions:

📌 1st video

General video with answers to these three questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you going to talk about at the conference?
  3. Invitation of your audience to join you on June 13 & 17 at JSNation

Please upload the video to this folder.

📌 2nd video

Answer to any questions from the list below – it’ll be used on Instagram, TikTok and other socials. Pick 1-3 you like the most:

  1. JavaScript hack you wish you had learned earlier?
  2. Tell us a weird thing about JavaScript?
  3. What are the drawbacks and benefits of working alone/in a team
  4. The funniest thing you've ever done in JavaScript?
  5. How to avoid losing motivation when something doesn’t work properly in JavaScript?
  6. What are three points that differentiate a mid-level - JavaScript developer from a senior one?
  7. In what coding tasks do you use AI?
  8. Share a random web development tip.
  9. Share some underrated JavaScript tools.
  10. What are you most excited about in your field of development
  11. How did you get into this particular topic?
  12. What's the next thing you will be working on?
  13. What's the biggest pain point when working on ...?
  14. What are the most valuable qualities of a certain technology?
  15. What do you value most in people on your team?

Please upload the video to this folder.

Virtual badge

I shared your digital badge via email. We kindly ask you to post it on socials so your followers can register via it and get watch-only access to one of the tracks on June 13 & 17 for free!

During the conference

Connection with org team, other speakers & conference attendees

Platform for communication before/during the conference

Discord – our main platform for communication either with the GitNation team or with attendees and other speakers.

Channels you’ll see after joining Discord:

#💛jsn-speakers – channel for internal communication;

#❓community-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the Community track.

#❓residents-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the Residents track.

In case you do not see these channels please tag me (Lera) in #🛠troubleshooting channel and I’ll give access manually.

Important: please say ‘Hi’ in the speakers channel as soon as you join 😊

Conference days & your flow

June 13 & 17: Schedule

June 13 – we’ll start the stream at 14:20 CEST to cover different timezones but remote audience will be able to rewatch what was before lunch at the end of the day and everything will be recorded.

June 17 – stream from 16:00 to around 21:00 CEST Your talk will be played as it’ll be stated in the schedule and the calendar invite.

June 13 & 17: Stream to follow

You have access to all talks on June 13 & 17. To follow the stream please use this page: link will be added a bit later.

June 17: Your conference flow (if applicable)

After your talk is played we'll have a QnA session on Discord – you will get a calendar invite with links to join & instructions. Usually QnA takes around 10-15 min.

Let me know if you’re not available.

For answering people’s questions you need follow one of the channels depending on the track where you’re talk was played: #❓community-track-qna or #❓residents-track-qna.

June 17: Discussion Rooms
  • 16:30-17:15 a11y
  • 17:30-18:15 JS Tooling Ecosystem

If you confirm participation in one of the rooms on June 17, you’ll get a calendar invite where you’ll find the link to join and agenda.

Discussion rooms will be held in Zoom.

June 14 & 18: Sister-conference – React Summit

As mentioned previously, close to JSNation we’ll have one more event – React Summit. Here is the agenda: https://reactsummit.com/schedule

To watch the talks and join conference activities please use this link >> the link will be added later.

❗️ Some important notes

  • As you know, this event is hybrid, and we’ll have people from all over the world watching the live stream. In order to have as many time zones being able to watch it, we’ll start the live stream at 13:25 CEST (right after lunch) on June 13, so all talks & QnAs between lunch and closing will be live streamed. The talks between opening and lunch will be recorded together with the QnAs and will be shown right after the last in-person talks. June 17 – fully remote.
  • Access Link to follow the agenda remotely on both days: TBC – with this link you'll have access to all talks and all activities during the conference if you want to watch the live stream on June 13 & 17.