React Summit US 2023 Remote Speakers

React Summit US 2023 Remote Speakers

Here you can find all the details you’ll need before & during the conference. You can return to this page any time you need – it’ll be in your calendar invite for the event.

To read the full information in each section please click the toggle 🔻 and you’ll see full text.

General information

📅  Conference agenda & program

Agenda around conference days

Late August – program will be published on the website

November (TBC date) – virtual pre-party, all speakers are invited

November 13 – hybrid conference day

November 15 – fully remote day

November 30 (approx) – talk recordings are published on GitNation portal

November (almost all month) - free remote workshops (see below on how to register)


The remote activities on both days: TBC

💬 Conference activities

Talk & QnA

Full talks are 20 min long. Lightning talks are 5-10 minutes long. There will be QnA in a chat on Discord during and right after the talk.

Discussion rooms

Where: zoom or another virtual platform. On Nov 13 the rooms will be in a hybrid format which means that onsite attendees will be able to join and online ones as well.

On Nov 15 – fully remote rooms. We’ll send information about them separately.

Free workshops

There will be a batch of short remote workshops around main conference days. Feel free to register for any via the LINK - the workshops will be available for registration in early September.

How to register: your account is already created on GitNation portal as we are using this platform for adding speakers to the conference website. You need to restore the password with an email which you’re using for communication with us and log in. Then go to the workshops page and register for any session you’re interested in.

+1 guest of a speaker – remote participation

Each speaker has 1 invite 😉 Just let us know if you’re going to have a +1 and we’ll create a promocode for your guest.

Talk recording

Self-recording: instructions & deadline
  • Deadline: October 15
  • Duration: full talk – 20 minutes; lightning talk – 5-10 min
  • Recording format: we need two files from you to synchronise them both during post-production (example):
    • 1 – desktop with your slides recorded with audio
    • 2 – camera recorded with audio
    • After the recording the AV team will synchronize two files and prepare the final version which will look like this video.

  • Folder to upload the files:
  • Files format: videos should be in MP4 or MOV format.
  • Size of the font on the slides, code: it’s important to use readable size of the font as part of the audience will watch the stream. 20-24px should be ok. Here is the example of readable code but the font can be even bigger otherwise during the stream remote audience will be struggling to read the slides.

If self-recording doesn’t work for you 🔽

Recording with us: instructions & dates

We’ll be using this platform for talk recording: Below you can find the links to set up dates which fits you the best. Full Length Talk:

Lightning Talk: Please note that slots will be available until October 15. If there are any changes I’ll inform you asap. Please, use Google Chrome for the recordings.

Such recordings usually take up to 40 min if it’s a full talk and 20 min if it’s a lighting talk.

Duration, slides

Full talk: 20 min

Lightning talk: 5-10 min

Slides: any format convenient for you. We do not have any draft for slides or strict design requirements. In case you’d like to add conference logo to the presentation, here it is >> LOGO.

It’s important to use readable size of the font as part of the audience will watch the stream. 20-24px should be ok.

Spread the word about the conference

Video invitation by Sep 8

Please record 2 short videos. It can be done as simply as with a phone:

Vertical videos, duration – up to 60 sec, answering the following questions:

1st video:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you going to talk about at the conference?
  • Invitation of the audience to join you on Nov 13 & 15 at React Summit US Conference

2nd video:

This one will be used as a separate reels/youtube short, so feel free to pick 1 or 2 questions you'd like to answer:

  1. Why pick React for web development in 2023?
  2. Is React still competitive and worth investment?
  3. What excites you as a JS engineer in 2023?
  4. What is the future of React development for next 3-5 years?
  5. What will be the role of JS engineers post ChatGPT?
  6. Which skills JS engineers should invest to beat new AI tooling?
  7. What have been major career decisions that led to high paying position?
  8. What makes you productive as an engineer in 2023?
  9. What is your favorite React library or tool, and why?
  10. How open-source has helped you to grow as a developer?
  11. What are the most unexpected applications of React you saw in your career?
  12. Have you ever wanted to give up being a developer?
  13. The hardest feature you've ever implemented.
  14. The best professional advice you've ever heard.

Feel free to upload the videos to this folder.

Virtual badge

I’ll share your digital badge via email. We kindly ask you to post it on socials so your followers can register via it and get watch-only access to one of the tracks on both Nov 13 & 15 for free!

Post about your participation & raffle a conf ticket among your subscribers by Sept 8

Tell your followers on Twitter (or any other socials) that you’ll be talking at React Summit US and what your topic is. Feel free to use this text for your post and add some talk details:

Join me on Nov 13 & 15 @ReactSummit I’ll be talking about…. See you there #ReactSummitUS.

We would be grateful if you raffle a remote ticket among your followers on socials 🔮 

  1. It can be an invitation to leave a question about your talk under your post and then you’ll randomly pick a question to reply plus a winner will get a ticket.
  2. Or you can just create a tweet/post on instagram/tiktok or linkedin, and ask ppl to re-post or like it, and then raffle a ticket among them.

Gift for you 🎁 

Branded t-shirt

We’d like to send you the conference t-shirt. Please share your address and also the size you’re wearing by emailing to [email protected]

During the conference

💬  Connection with org team, other speakers & conference attendees

Platform for communication before/during the conference

Discord – our main platform for communication either with the GitNation team or with attendees and other speakers.

Link to join – we’ll send it in October or sooner.

Channels you’ll see after joining Discord:

#reactus-speakers – channel for internal communication;

#❓summit-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the 1st track.

#❓base-camp-track-qna – here people will address their questions to you after the talk in case your talk is in the 2nd track.

In case you do not see these channels please tag me (Mikołaj) in #🛠troubleshooting channel and I’ll give access manually.

Important: please say ‘Hi’ in the speakers channel as soon as you join 😊

🎊 Pre-conference activity

Remote pre-party + platform intro

We hope you can join our pre-party!

The pre-party will be held on the platform that we will use at the conference, if you haven't heard about it before, we are sure that you will be very interested to learn about its functionality in advance 😊

Link to join: we’ll send it in October

💡 Conference activities


Nov 13 – we’ll start the stream at 9:00am EST

Nov 15 – stream from 10:00 to 17:00 EST Your talk will be played as it’ll be stated in the schedule and the calendar invite (we’ll be sending those in October).

Your conference flow

After your talk is played we'll have a QnA session on Discord – you will get calendar invite with links to join & instructions. Usually QnA takes around 10-15 min.

Let me know if you’re not available.

For answering people’s questions you need to follow one of the channels depending on the track where your talk will be played: #❓summit-track-qna or #❓base-camp-track-qna.

Discussion Rooms agenda – Nov 15

The list of topics to be shared in September.

If you confirmed participation in one of the rooms on Nov 15, please make sure you have a calendar invite where you can find the link to join and agenda.

Rooms will be held on ( – virtual platform we’ll be using for interaction with remote audience).

Stream to follow

You have access to all talks on Nov 13 & 15. To follow the stream please use this URL: to be added in late October/early November.